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Dance studios/classes

Colleen Murray School of Dance
Teaching ballroom, Latin American and rock 'n' roll, Argentino tango, salsa, hip-hop, line dancing, new vogue/sequence

Wedding dance lessons

Sequence dancing in Canterbury

For details of the sequence dancing clubs and the dances they do, see their website.

Ceroc dancing in Christchurch

Fevah Modern Jive dances Monday - Friday nights at various locations around Christchurch.
Regular Saturday social dances and tea dances on some Sundays.


Scottish Country Dance Clubs

There are nine Scottish Country Dance Clubs in Christchurch city
and four more in the wider Canterbury area.


The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

For latest contacts see the website


Rock and roll dancing in Canterbury

Avon City​ Rock and Roll Revivial Club


Christchurch Rock 'n' Roll Club

Kaiapoi Rock and Roll Club


Southern Rock and Roll Club


Latin dancing in Christchurch

Club Havana - Bernie's Latin Dance Club

Latin dancing in Christchurch and Kaiapoi

Salsa Latina Dance Centre

Latin Fire Dance Studio

Latin Addiction Dance Studio

Argentine Tango in Christchurch

For details of tango dancing, see the website.

Tango La Luna

Sextet running a milango first Sunday of the month at Hohepa Hall 

Free lesson prior to the milonga.

Tango Floorspace

Milonga every Wednesday night 192 Bealey Avenue

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